Advanced Internet Management (AIM) v1.1

Critical bugs related to weekly/monthly quota refillment system has been fixed! You can also try out new way in disconnecting your Wifi (Disabling hardware or disconnect the network). Cheers 🙂

New features :

  • New! Wifi disconnect method
  • Fix! Critical bugs in weekly/monthly plan auto refillement system
  • Fix! Small UI glitches

For anyone who missing out this software, 

AIM is an app where you can keep track of your internet data plan closely. When quota are depleting , AIM can tell you to get quota refillment quickly! When it is time to refill your quota, AIM will automatically refill your data plan! You can also know how much amount of data you have been used previously. Features such as daily, weekly and monthly log will help you tracking your previous subscription fees. With the intuitive and fluid UI, I am very sure that you will get a lot of benefits using this apps!

Download it now! And enjoy 🙂

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Advanced Internet Management v1.1