ZenR Notes v0.3

ZenR Notes got new updates! Version 0.3 use new sleek and modern reminder notification UI so you can easily notice your reminder without disrupting your work. In reminder dialog, you can set alarm/reminder sound according to your preferences too. Furthermore, you can now analyze your notes security using improved Security Centre with statistics too. If you turned on ‘Send me an email if user enter wrong password’ option at Security Centre, email will be sent with the screenshot of your PC desktop during the wrong password was entered. Email sending process is also stealthier than before with usage of background threading.

Other small changes includes smaller data size by using new data compression algorithm (up to 50% data size reduced), added data corruption subject in ‘Feedback’, new saving UI dialog with database size packing progress (noticeable if database size are large) and fix some noticeable and hidden bugs throughout the program (stated below)

New features :

  • Reminder notification UI overhaul
  • Improved Security Centre with statistics
  • Email notification now with screenshot of your PC desktop and more stealthier
  • Set audio to play in your notes reminder
  • Reduce up to 50% data size
  • Small saving UI changes
  • Added data corruption subject in ‘Feedback’

Bugs fixes :

  • Fix small bugs when using next/prev shortcut in notes reader
  • Fix critical bugs when user deny restore of deleted data
  • Fix paging number when notes are opened by reminder

For anyone who missing out this software, 

ZenR Notes is simple yet secured. Take note for everything you do with this simple, handy, beautiful and secured note taking app. You can use text formatting, put image in your note and more in ZenR Notes. Worry about your notes protection?  Don’t worry because all your notes are protected with strong AES 256-Bit encryption method which is used by government to store confidential data. ZenR Notes also includes additional features such as login attempt notification, password recovery via email and note-by-note password for better security.

Download it now! And enjoy 🙂

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