I am sorry for the inconvenience. 7th June 2017 mark the end of updates for ZenR Notes. I plan to release the first stable version of ZenR Notes (v1.0). Unfortunately, the project files were corrupted. Various attempt has been made on recovering the files but the files for major part of UI are missing.

Thanks to all users who are still using this program. Thanks to The Windows Club®, Windows Report® and Softpedia® for featuring my program on their site.

2698 total downloads mean a lot to me.

For now, I am planning to get involved in Android development. I am still developing .NET applications by the way.

Once again, thanks for all your supports. I appreciate it. I hereby attached a screenshot of unfinished version 1.0 that are supposed to be released in a couple of days. 😦


Unfinished version 1,0