ZenR Wifi Hotspot Manager v0.2

ZenR Wifi Hotspot Manager got major updates! From now on, this program will use Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5 (targeting Windows 8 and above)! The interface also got overhauled with more simplistic and minimalist UI. ZenR Wifi Hotspot Manager also brings improved settings with a new feature called Profile! Some of the bugs we encountered also has been fixed!

Here is a full changelog for this version :

  • Updated to .NET Framwork 4.5
  • Redesigned main interface
  • Redesigned settings interface
  • New time usage information
  • New hotspot profile feature
  • Escape key implementation for each form
  • Can be run in background (tray)
  • Improved program exit algorithm
  • Log view can be restored when close
  • Various minor bugs fixed

For those who missed out of this program, ZenR Wifi Hotspot Manager helps you to create and share your resources or internet with others. You can change the hotspot network name and also it’s password too. You also can create an offline connection with other devices without depending on internet connection too!

What are you waiting for? Try out the new version now :

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