ZenR Wifi Hotspot Manager v1.0 STABLE

It’s finally here! The stable version of ZenR Wifi Hotspot Manager is out now! OUT NOW! In this version, I put 100% concentration on under the hood changes and fixing bugs! Lots of bugs were finally fixed! One of the bug that worth to mention was usage time bug which cannot measure time more than one hour. But don’t worry now, because it has finally fixed!

Here is a list of enhancements and bugs fixed in this first stable version release :

  • Fix time usage bug when exceeding one hour
  • Fix hotspot not properly turned off when applying settings
  • Fix hotspot not auto-connected when setting up internet sharing
  • Fix UI sizing and placement
  • Fix context menu UI glitch
  • Fix input detection bugs in settings
  • Darker UI when using Dark Theme
  • Refactor code in profile selection

For those who missed out of this program, ZenR Wifi Hotspot Manager helps you to create and share your resources or internet with others. You can change the hotspot network name and also it’s password too. You also can create an offline connection with other devices without depending on internet connection too!

What are you waiting for? Try out the stable version now :

teaser v1.0